Corrie Worsted arrived at mylys

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Corrie Worsted arrived at mylys -

The Corrie Worsted by La Bien Aimée is a beautiful blend of Falkland Corriedale and Gotland wool and has a yardage of 230 m per 100 g. The yarn is soft, but not comparable to merino wool. A bit more rustic. The Gotland wool is darker and therefore you can see the dark shades in the skein, which gives the wool a beautiful heathered tone and depth of colour.
There are already some great patterns made with this wool. Here are a few inspirations for you:
In the book Worsted by La Bien Aimée you will only find designs made from this wool. There are many patterns in the book: 5 jumpers, 2 cardigans, 1 poncho, 3 scarves, 2 loops and 1 hat - so there is definitely something for everyone.

Copyright: Laine Publishing

At ravelry you can find a good overview of the designs.

In the new book by Neon & Neutrals you will find a cardigan by Brienne Moody and 1 hat with intarsia pattern by Anna Husemann.


Copyright: Laine Publishing

Then there's the Strata Pullover by Tif Neilan that I'm knitting for myself at the moment.

Copyright: Tif Neilan

I had started with the colours Winterfell, Lise, and Fluoro Morganite and a few scraps and wasn't quite convinced yet.

Now that all colours are hanging nicely in the shop it's easier to choose the colours. I have decided to go with Winterfell, French Grey, Fluoro Morganite and "As if". I will keep you updated how it will look like on Insta.

This small, simple Helix Cardigan by Marianne Munier is so pretty with dresses and skirts:

Copyright: Marianne Munier


Stephen West has several designs out. Here are a few to choose from. Here is Dustland Sweater

Copyright: Stephen West

and here are some colour ideas, which might appeal to you more, if you love neutrals:

Copyright: Stephen West

and so lovely the Dustland Dog Sweater

Copyright: Stephen West

And how about the Briogarter Sweater:

Copyright: Stephen West

If you like stripes, Becka Cardigan and Becka Sweater is a beautiful cardigan by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne. Although this one is knitted with Corrie Confetti, I imagine a solid colour background would also be good. Otherwise I can also recommend the Hedgehog Fibres Tweedy if you like it better with "dots". In a few days we will also get the Tweedy Natural and a new colour Barely. The two qualities Corrie Worsted have the same yardage and behaviour and can therefore be knitted for all the instructions mentioned here.

Copyright: Nadia Crétin-Léchenne


The Lyon Sweater by PetiteKnit, but I would recommend it without Mohair

Copyright: PetiteKnit

A simple oversized sweater and very cozy is Sweater No. 26 from My Favourite Things

Copyright: My Favourite Things


For the braid lovers, there's the great Kote cardigan by Hiroko Payne, pictured right (and on the dyeing team at La Bien Aimée).

Copyright: Hiriko Payne

another beauty is Épernay from Thea Colman 

Copyright: Thea Colman

Juttu by Isabell Kraemer is an open cardigan that you can find in the book 52 Weeks of Easy Knits. There are many more beautiful patterns in this book. In the meantime, Juttu is also available as a single pattern at The original yarn is Brusca from Retrosaria.

Copyright: Riikka Kantinkoski

I think the wool has a nice stitch pattern with 19/20 stitches on 10 cm - maybe you have some patterns in your queue with this gauge you want to knit.

Happy Making!

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