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tokuko Hooked on knitting since childhood, Tokuko decided to make a career out of knitting several years ago. These days, while teaching in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, she devotes her time to run amirisu. Her passion is to introduce more fashionable knitting in Japan! She now lives in Nara with her husband and a little black cat. For amirisu, she is the education and pattern production head, as well as takes care of business administrations. // meri Has been an avid crafter since childhood, but stayed away from knitting, strangely following her mother’s advice. Several years ago she decided that she was old enough to knit. In 2014, she left her corporate job for good, moved to Kyoto and became a full-time knitter. She now lives in Kyoto with a husband and a baby son. For amirisu, she is the editor, creative director, merchandiser and business developer.

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