The Shetland Trader | Gudrun Johnston
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The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage enthält 11 Muster (7 Kleidungsstücke und 4 Accessoires) von der in Shetland geborenen Strickdesignerin Gudrun Johnston, darunter eine Premiere für Pom Pom Press: Kleider!

Sprache: Englisch
Softcover, 146 Seiten
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Get ready for an unprecedented blend of groovy 70s silhouettes, classic Shetland colourwork, and contemporary design elements; think of bold outlines and shapes which feature intricate, time-honoured Fair Isle motifs.

The Shetland Trader, Book 3: Heritage contains 11 patterns (7 garments and 4 accessories) by Shetland-born knitwear designer Gudrun Johnston, including a first for Pom Pom Press: dresses!

The Shetland Trader series which celebrates Gudrun’s geographical and familial roots. The designs not only incorporate the traditional Shetland knitting techniques and motifs Gudrun has helped to popularise internationally, but also represent a throwback to the made-to-order knitwear business run in the 1970s by Patricia Johnston, Gudrun’s mother, which operated as The Shetland Trader. Exclusively for The Shetland Trader, Book Three, Gudrun has selected some of her mother’s best-loved designs and updated them for twenty-first century knitters. Use these patterns to create Shetland-chic ensembles as well as heirloom pieces impervious to time.

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Sprache: Englisch
Softcover, 146 Seiten
Maße: 250 mm x 234mm
Gedruckt in England

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