The Colours of Nature
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Die englische Übersetzung vom erfolgreichen dänischen Buch (En Farverig Verden) über Pflanzenfärbungen.

Sprache: Englisch
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This is the english translation of the popular Danisch book about natural dyeing (En Farverig Verden).

The book is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to getting started with natural dyeing, introducing and giving an overview of colours, plants, fibres and tools along with basic recipes for lasting colours.The primary focus of the book is dyeing on wool but it also briefly introduces other fibres and woven fabrics.
Plant dyeing is thought to be difficult and to demand several years of experience to achieve a good result, but that is not necessarily so. Plant dyeing is an activity in which everyone can take part. It does not demand any particular skills and good results can come even with the first dye bath.
The book is based on our personal experiences with natural dyeing and how to achieve a good result.
Some knowledge of the basics will serve you well when you start out. Therefore, G-uld have put together a beginner’s guide on how to collect plants, how to interact with nature and how to recognize the plants that give the best, most beautiful colours.

Autoren: Anne Støvlbæk Kjær &
Louise Schelde Frederiksen
Herausgeber: G-uld I/S
Sprache: Englisch
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Seiten: 160

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