Shetland Wool Week Vol. 7
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Es enthält 12 kuschelige Muster von führenden Shetland-Strickdesignern, aber auch von einigen bahnbrechenden neuen Designern.

Sprache: Englisch
Seiten : 140
Größe: 256 x 204 mm
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Now in its seventh edition, the Shetland Wool Week Annual 2021 is packed with exclusive patterns, fascinating essays, and stunning photography taken on location at Shetland’s magnificent Sumburgh Head Lighthouse.

There are 12 cosy patterns from leading Shetland knitwear designers, with some pioneering new designers too. Expect vibrant Fair Isle motifs and patterns, subtle, intricate lace, weaving and more.

Patterns include:

• SWW 2021 Patron Wilma Malcolmson’s ‘Da Crofter’s Kep’
• Elizabeth Johnston’s ‘Fairag Cardigan’
• Amy Gair’s ‘Öyger Scarf’
• Andrea Williamson’s ‘Harbour Cowl’
• Alison Rendall’s ‘Da Meids Mitts’
• Nicole Coutts’ ‘Sea Swell Snood’
• Anne Eunson’s ‘Fethaland Shawl’
• Gudrun Johnston’s ‘Lizzie Pinafore’ (children’s item)
• Janette Budge’s ‘Sumburgh Light Hat’
• Terri Leask’s ‘Winter Bonfire Gloves’
• Ella Gordon’s ‘Roosty Tank Top’
• Wilma Malcolmson’s ‘Gotland Lace Yoke’

Insightful articles on Shetland Sheep; Shetland’s era of machine knitting; knitting in a time of Covid, and a look at the inspiration behind Gudrun Johnston’s third volume of The Shetland Trader: Heritage. We also feature a beautiful poem in English and Shetland dialect by Roseanne Watt, this year’s Wool Week model.

Sprache: Englisch
Seiten : 140
Größe: 256 x 204 mm

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