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Knits Gifts ist eine amerikanische Strickzeitschrift mit Anleitungen für schnelle kleine Projekte für den Winter und für die Adventszeit.

Die Zeitschrift ist in englischer Sprache.

Hier der englische Textauszug:
The theme for this year’s holiday issue: Delight! Every page inspires with vibrant photography, well-chosen projects, and unexpected extras that delight the crafter. What is the reader looking for in a special issue like this? A large collection of knits to suit everyone on her gift list, while also providing a timeless source of inspiration for herself. This issue explores various styles, from mature and sophisticated to fun and funky; from colorful kids’ projects to elegant home décor. Dabble in the rustic with Log Cabin Knits; get luminous sophistication with All Lit Up; play with toys in Playthings; try your hand at ornate detail in the Victorian-inspired A House With Gables; get folksy with the holiday décor of Folk Craft. And finally, Made For Fun brings home those colorful, simple knits that make such great gifts.
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