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Make it! Knits ist eine amerikanische Strickzeitschrift mit Anleitungen zusammengestellt aus den besten Modellen von Knits und Knitscene Ausgaben.

Sprache: Englisch

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From the editors of Interweave Knits comes this special issue, Make it! Knits, filled with favorite projects from past Knits and Knitscene issues. Heavier yarn weights and simpler patterns ease new knitters into the craft and make yarn substitutions clear and uncomplicated. In addition to the 33 projects, this issue includes four useful and straightforward articles on reading knitting patterns, how to knit-in-the-round, reading charts, and calculating the amount of yarn needed for a project. Make it! Knits suits a a range of knitters in skill and style, whether a beginner or someone in need of stash-busting projects in worsted- to bulky-weight yarns.

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