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Make it! Crochet ist eine amerikanische Häkelzeitschrift mit Anleitungen für Anfänger aber auch für erfahrene Häkler.

Die Zeitschrift ist in englischer Sprache.

Hier der englische Textauszug:
Welcome to Make it! Crochet. We've gathered together our favorite quick-crochet patterns into a single collection just in time for gift-giving season.

Ideal for both new crocheters and more advanced crocheters seeking instant gratification, this magazine contains a wide range of projects that use yarn you probably already have in your stash. To find the right yarn for your project, just seek out the picture of the little yarn ball with a number on it-match up the number in the pattern to the number on your ball band, and starting crocheting!

Many of these projects call for just a ball or two. Most of the accessories don't even require an exact match of yarn weight, since gauge isn't critical for scarves and shawls (do be attentive to the weight for the children's sweaters and hats, though!) At Interweave, we're committed to seeking out the best designs by today's most innovative designers.