Brioche Lace - Nancy Marchant

Nancy Marchant

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Ein neues Buch von der "Queen of Brioche" Nancy Marchant: Das Buch befasst sich mit Lace Patent Muster. Für erfahrene Patentmuster-Stricker eine schöne Erweiterung der Strick-Bibliothek.

Auszug aus dem englischen Text:

Discover the world of brioche lace knitting!

World-renowned brioche knitting expert, Nancy Marchant, takes this stitch to another level by introducing you to the exciting world of two-color brioche lace with charts and clear explanations, a stitch dictionary of brioche lace stitches, and exquisite scarf and cowl projects.

This is the perfect book for the experienced brioche knitter who is looking for new techniques that yield spectacular lacy results!


• 9 stunning designs beautifully photographed by Alexandra Feo

• All the stitch patterns and projects have written instructions as well as charts

• This includes a general introduction to brioche knitting and an explanation of the symbols and abbreviations. There are two methods described in creating lace eyelets in brioche knitting; the yarn over method and the release purl method.

• Both have 30+ new stitch patterns.

• 228 pages

Size: 297 mm x 210 mm
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