Food Made In Shetland
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Mit über 60 Rezepten, nützlichen Tipps und Einblicken in die Lebensmittelszene der Shetlands.

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Whether you are a Shetlander or just a food enthusiast Food Made in Shetland offers you great creative ideas for getting the best out of Shetland’s delicious produce.

Beautifully photographed in the south end of Shetland, Food Made in Shetland is a collection of recipes that puts the best of Shetland produce front and centre and will inspire you to create delicious and tasty meals at home.

Following on from her award-winning first book, Shetland Food and Cooking (The Shetland Times 2014), Marian continues to champion the use of local produce which she is so passionate about and offers wonderful creative ideas for getting the best out of cheaper cuts of meat and less-used species of fish. Her straightforward and informative style shows you how to create delicious meals full of flavour and taste. And there are plenty of ideas to encourage peerie bairns into the kitchen too!

Marian is a cook, passionate foodie, award-winning author, chair of ‘Taste of Shetland’, and most importantly she is an excellent ambassador for Shetland food and drink.

Marian says: ‘This book came about through my work in recent years with Misa. Cooking for participants on her Shetland Wool Adventures tours provided an opportunity to present delicious Shetland food to an interested audience in a convivial setting.’Shetland is now a celebrated travel destination. Exposure through good travel journalism, the work of Promote Shetland and television series – including the Shetland crime drama, Island Medics and wildlife and farming programmes – as well as many visitors on cruise ships and to Shetland Wool Week have all contributed.

We have world-class food produced, caught, reared and grown here and although we don’t have Michelin-starred restaurants we have creative, ingenious cooks, with enthusiasm and passion for sharing the local produce.

I want to encourage and inspire you to be creative with our local food. Shetland is a unique place and the food is too.’

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Farbfotografien von Susan Molloy und Originalgrafiken von Gilly Bridle

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